Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Food During a Zombie Apocalypse Day 6 - Zombie Nutrition

I am still alive, but I wanted to talk more about zombie food.

I touched on how brains are a sometimes food for zombies.

Brains are popular, but they are in scarce supply and only getting scarcer as more and more humans are eaten for food. Don't let them go to waste, for sure, but they should only supplement your diet, not be the entirety of it.

Look at the various bits of flesh and see how you can adapt them to more conventional recipes.

Keep in mind that there are only half the number of humans left. What happens when all the humans are gone? You're going to want to start thinking about alternate food sources!

Pigs supposedly taste like humans - but will they support the false life that zombies have?

Tomorrow is the last showdown! One last hurrah to try and get the remaining humans out. Good luck to all of my fellow humans who must brave the zombie horde today. I will see you tomorrow - or not!

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