Friday, October 21, 2011

Food during a Zombie Apocalypse - Day 3

I hunkered down yesterday in my stronghold, avoiding all zombies. Instead, I made yummy food!

I made Greek, it turned out all right. Used chicken sausage because that's about all that's available in non preserved, non Italian form. I highly recommend using a heavier meat than that though. The chicken was yummy but the flavor didn't stand out.

A slightly spicy sausage would also go well with it, the cream sauce turned out very light and yummy. Feta was also a very good garnish cheese.

As a zombie apocalypse food, it's very good for early in the stages - helps use up some of the perishable foods like cream and sausage, and provides slow release energy in the form of carbs.

Zombies could also enjoy this dish, possibly with a nice human thigh or liver. Brains are a sometimes food, didn't you know?

Speaking of the zombie apocalypse, the humans were able to slaughter a huge number of zombies last night, pushing the numbers low enough for them not to be a concern until about midday today.

And today I'm going to run away to the other side of the state where the zombies have yet to get to (they don't do well crossing mountains).

Yesterday's update never came because I was swamped with homework, sorry!

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