Monday, August 8, 2011

Airports, oh Airports

It's been a while, but I've been traveling.

Airports are not the ideal place for eating healthy. Depending on the location of the airport in question, results may vary. In Toronto, I found a place called "Coyote Jack's" a burger place that wasn't fast food.

Chicago had a number of pizza places, though I didn't eat during my time there.

In Riga in Latvia there was a small sandwich shop that provided good food.

Some recommendations:

Avoid fast food (obviously)
Look for local food places if in a foreign country
Bring your own food if possible

So what is not "fast food"?
Any place that makes their own food (not just heating up pre-made food)
Places with a high turn over - not a lot of product sitting around
What is the local food like? Chicago = pizza, things like that

Following those guidelines, I managed to stay allergy-free despite spending nearly 2 days in various airports.

Anyway, I'm still jet lagged badly (went from Washington state to Germany!) so good night all!

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