Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baking without Sugar

I recently turned the grand old age of 20, and tomorrow is my party, so naturally there needs to be a birthday cake. However, one of my dear friends is highly allergic to sucrose.

The cake would be an easy fix - just swap out the sugar for a fructose substitute in a smaller batch and make cupcakes.

The first choice for a frosting needed both brown sugar and powdered (confectioner's) sugar, before I got confirmation that my friend was coming. Whoops.

So the second choice is a whipped cream frosting with raspberries. It only requires a tablespoon of regular sugar and should be fine with a fructose substitute.

Off to go grocery shopping, we hit another problem - the only fructose they have was processed on the same equipment that processes peanuts. Whoops. Well, we got it anyway, (way too much I might add) and made a separate batch of cupcakes with fructose. A 2/3 ratio of fructose to sugar (2/3 cup fructose for every 1 cup sugar) worked very nicely.

It all went over very well - about half the cake got eaten and the cupcakes went home with my friend.

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