Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Let's talk about steak for a moment.

In my recent travels, I had the delightful experience of eating a perfectly cooked steak. I asked for a rare steak, my preferred method of eating them.

The kind waitress warned me that it would be "very rare."

The steak was beautiful. Seared on the outside, pink and cool on the inside. The center had obviously never seen 145 degrees. It looked more like a perfectly cooked piece of tuna than a steak. There was blood on the plate.

It was easily the best steak I had ever eaten. Now why can't we have such nice things in steak houses in the United States? Why are people so paranoid about the germs?

I do understand people who have compromised immune systems or other concerns, but what is it about over cooked steak that appeals to people?

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