Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Battle of the Blender

So, I was going to update a few days ago (my roommates were moving in, it was nuts!) but I managed to get my finger caught in a blender and couldn't type.

I learned some important lessons when trying to make hummus:

Hummus should not be made with a stick blender, they jam... (The blender was not ON when I stuck my finger in there, I promise. I'm not that stupid.) Preferably with a food processor.

Don't cook with sharp things when you're overly tired.

Hummus with blood is not yummy.

If you've stuck your finger in a blender and don't make any noise, your roommate is going to assume you're making smoothies with red berries until you explain.

Did you know that low blood pressure can make you lose sight AND hearing?

ALSO! This kitchen has become blood thirsty. My roommate cut her finger while washing a knife a couple of days after I tried to blend my finger.

Anyway, I will have a real update soon. The tip of my finger hurts and so it's hard to type. (Left index, no it didn't require stitches).

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